• Watch some of Professor Felice Jacka’s most recent lectures, interviews and presentations on diet and mental health.
Lecture - The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Healt
Interview - Destination Happiness
How Food Can “Cure” Depression and Make You Happier
Presentation - Brain Food

Lecture - The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Healt

Professor Felice Jacka lectures for The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health on diet and mood.

Interview - Destination Happiness

Shura Taft from Channel 9’s Destination Happiness chats to Professor Felice Jacka about how she has pioneered a highly innovative program of research at The Food and Mood Centre.

How Food Can “Cure” Depression and Make You Happier

Max Lugavere interviews Professor Felice Jacka, director of the Food and Mood Center, to discuss the impressive results of the SMILEs trial and how food can cure depression and make you happier.

Presentation - Brain Food

Brain Food or Can we prevent depression by improving diet? by A/Prof Felice Jacka


Some recent media coverage of our research
Wall St Journal:
The Food That Helps Battle Depression

The Atlantic:
The Diet That Might Cure Depression

How Food Could Fight Depression and Stress

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Interviews and Lectures available on other sites

  • The GP Show – Podcast
    Professor Felice Jacka interview with Dr Sam Manger of @The GP Show Podcast discuss how food effects our mental health and what clinicians and patients can do about it. This interview discusses the SMILES trial, which foods are good and bad for our mental health and the suspected mechanisms of action and a lot more!
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    • Lifestyle factors in preventing mental health disorders: an interview with Felice Jacka

In this video Q&A, we talk to Associate Professor Felice Jacka about population health approaches to the primary prevention of mental disorders across the lifespan. These include addressing lifestyle factors, such as diet, smoking and physical activity. Latest strategies are being developed through epidemiological studies and clinical trial evidence. Challenges in preventing mental disorders in general and specifically in the workplace are discussed, together with future directions on promoting well-being.

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Previous Media Coverage

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