The Food & Mood Centre is unique in the world. We conduct a rigorous, methodical program of research exclusively focused on the role of diet and nutrition in mental health (Nutritional Psychiatry). This research is being conducted with the sole aim of identifying and developing evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions that help to avert and cure mental illness.

However, research is expensive and the Food & Mood Centre urgently needs funding to be able to continue address the outstanding research questions. Scholarships and salaries for students and post-docs and funding for biochemistry are key costs that can impede the progress of research if not met.

Given the ‘cutting edge’ nature of Nutritional Psychiatry, as well as the usually non-commercial nature of our interventions, it is not always easy to attract funding through competitive funding agencies or industry. For this reason, we need help from the community to continue to pursue rigorous scientific research that will result in new treatments and preventive interventions for mental disorders.

If you feel that you can give – even just a little – rest assured that 100% of the funds will go towards supporting the important research we do here at the Food & Mood Centre.

You might like to consider contributing to a particular researcher, a particular study, or just to the overall research program. We are grateful for any donations, large, small and in between sized!

For bequests, we will put you in touch with our Deakin University Advancement team, who can discuss your wishes on a one-to-one basis.

Many, many thanks for considering the opportunity to support our valuable research!

Felice Jacka

Director of the Food & Mood Centre

Contact Us

We are always keen to hear from potential PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Please contact us if you would like to discuss and develop projects that can be the subject of scholarship and fellowship funding applications. For media enquiries, please contact: Elise Snashall-Woodhams via