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At the Food & Mood Centre, it’s important that we are guided by the knowledge and experience of our community. By signing up to Friends of the Food and Mood Centre, you can register to have your voice heard in the way we plan our research, run our studies, receive our newsletter, or share our findings. You will also have the opportunity to participate in co-design programs, feasibility studies and clinical trials.

You may be invited to give feedback on our work, share your experience as part of a panel, or other activities that help us better understand what our community needs.

You can help us make our research have a bigger impact in the community.

Your time and input are important to us, and all participants will be compensated for their time. This will vary depending on the activity.

If you join Friends of the Food and Mood Centre, you may be contacted if an opportunity matches your registration information.

To join, please click here to complete the sign up form. By completing this form, you consent to receiving newsletters from the Food & Mood Centre.

If you are based in the Geelong area and are interested learning about and supporting mental health research in the region, you can also visit The Community and Research Network (CARN) or contact the team via email. CARN is a network of health professionals, health consumers and researchers, seeking to share their expertise and experience to promote good health and wellbeing for the community of Geelong.