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Poor diet is now the leading cause of illness and early death across the globe. At the same time, mental disorders account for the leading cause of global disability. Mental illness stops people from participating fully in life, and it affects individuals, families and communities alike. The social and economic toll in Australia and elsewhere is enormous, and rapidly increasing.

We’re leading the way, internationally, in understanding how what we eat can influence our mental health and wellbeing, as well as brain health, from birth through to old age. We’re showing that the quality of our daily diets is inextricably linked to the risk of depression and anxiety throughout our lives, and that by improving our diets, we can effectively treat these conditions. We’re also demonstrating that our diets are closely tied to the health of our brains and our cognitive abilities –from childhood through to old age. Our work has enormous implications for the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses, for brain health and function, and for the general wellbeing of people everywhere.

But we’re impatient to drive new breakthrough discoveries and innovation. We know that there is so much more to do!

Philanthropic partnerships sit at the core of what we’re able to achieve – they are absolutely essential for us to continue ground-breaking research that has a bigger impact on more people’s quality of life.

If you share our passion for preventing mental and brain health conditions across the lifespan, and improving the lives of those already affected, please consider joining us in our mission!

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Professor Felice Jacka

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