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Bringing e-Health Nutrition Education to populations For Improved depression Treatment: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Why is this important?
Substantial observational evidence supports the association between adherence to a healthy diet and lower depression risk. However, we need more large scale trials to further investigate why and also investigate the possible biological mechanisms behind this association.

How are we doing this study?
With the help of our developers at Sophus we are running a global RCT of nutrition mHealth interventions and measuring the effect on participants mood symptoms.

What are we hoping to find?
Given what we know about depression and diet to date we hope this trial will further support that nutrition programs can help reduce depressive symptoms. We also will investigate what happens to the gut microbiome when people improve their nutrition and if this is related to improvements in mood.

The Food & Mood Centre acknowledges the Wilson Foundation for their generous support of BeNEFIT.