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Why is this important?
Dietitian-led nutritional rehabilitation is a critical component of treatment for individuals living with an eating disorder. Nutritional rehabilitation is important for weight restoration, reversal of malnutrition, cognition, and challenging rigid thinking and food rules. One under-studied aspect is the dietary treatment of gastrointestinal problems, which are common and debilitating experiences for individuals living with an eating disorder. Gastrointestinal problems can interfere with treatment and may be one factor that influences eating disorder behaviours, such as food restriction. We’re interested in Australian dietitians’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices of gastrointestinal problems in individuals living with an eating disorder.

How are we doing this study?
The study aims to recruit 70 dietitians living in Australia who currently work with individuals living with an eating disorder. Participants will be asked to complete a short online survey. The survey will assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices.

What are we hoping to find?
This study aims to explore the perceived knowledge, attitudes and practices of dietitians treating individuals living with anorexia nervosa and co-occurring gastrointestinal symptoms. Results from this study will highlight challenges and opportunities for the development of novel nutrition therapies in this space. Results may also inform the development of additional training resources for clinicians.

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