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Common mental disorders (CMDs) present a major and growing global public health challenge, and there is now extensive evidence for health behaviours, such as diet and physical activity, as a risk factor and treatment target for common mental disorders, particularly depression. Despite the evidence showing the contributions of these lifestyle risk factors to CMDs, the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) currently only collect and calculate the risk-outcome data for lifestyle exposures with physical health outcomes (e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancers) and not mental health outcomes.

We have established the Global burden of disease Lifestyle And mental Disorder Taskforce (GLAD) to address this gap and produce the required data to inform the lifestyle-CMD risk relationship, which will support its inclusion in the GBD study.


More information on the GLAD Taskforce and details of the key activities involved is available in the mission overview.

If you are interested in joining the GLAD Taskforce or for general enquiries, please contact

For general enquiries about the GLAD Taskforce, please contact

This project is funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council Emerging Leader 2 Fellowship (2009295).