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Moving Moods: Can Human Microbiome Transfer Therapy be used as an effective treatment for Depression in adults?

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Exciting new research convincingly demonstrates a link between the human gut bacteria (the “microbiome”) and mental health. We also know that a very effective way of changing the human microbiome is through a Microbiome Transfer Treatment. This involves extracting the bacteria from the human gut, and transferring it to another person. This is a commonly used treatment for the gut infection Clostridium difficile, but has never yet been trialled for depression.

The Moving Moods study will trial this exciting new therapy in Major Depressive Disorder in adults. We will identify 60 adults with moderate to severe Major Depressive Disorder, who will be randomised to receive either a Microbiome Transfer Treatment (in the form of tablets), or a placebo. We will then observe whether these individuals experience any improvement in their mental health or general health, such as heart health, weight, and sleep. We will also look at whether participants experience major changes in their gut microbiome following the treatment.

This project is being led by Psychiatrist and PhD Candidate, Dr Jessica Green. We expect to start recruiting for this very exciting study in the second half of 2019. Please look for updates on this website to confirm the official study open date.