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Why is this study important?

Dietary supplements are food derived concentrated forms of nutrients or other forms of nutraceuticals, which are increasingly recognised as beneficial for general health and wellbeing or preventing/lowering the risk of certain diseases. They are generally used as an addition to daily food consumption for added nutrients or perceived health benefits; however, not consumed as food or meal replacement. Recently, plant derived dietary supplements/phytonutrients have gained consumer’s, researcher’s and clinician’s interest. This is because plant based dietary supplements hold potential to improve/prevent health conditions ranging from the gut to brain by modulating biological pathways that include but not limited to reducing inflammation and oxidative stress and the gut microbiota.

How are we doing this study?

We are conducting a double blinded randomised placebo-controlled study with 46 healthy individuals, aged between 18- 65 years old. Eligible participants will be randomised to receive a plant based dietary supplement rich in fibre, antioxidant and minerals (10 g/day) or placebo (10 g/day) for four weeks. The study will predominantly run online, which includes zoom calls with the study team and completion of questionnaires online. Additionally, participants will need to collect a stool and urine sample at the beginning and end of the study. Two in-person appointments (15-mins) will be scheduled at study site for collection of study products and retuning biological samples. A $15 gift card will be given to participants who complete their in-person study visits.

What are we hoping to find?

We are keen to learn the feasibility of this supplement, in terms of integrating the supplement with usual day to day diet and its impact on gut and psychological symptoms and biological markers including the gut microbiota.

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