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Here are some quick links to documentation that helps summarise our research and the key findings in the field to date, as well as some recipe ideas from the team that we hope will inspire you and help to feed your gut bugs.

Lifestyle-Based Mental Health Care For Major Depressive Disorder

The Food & Mood Centre, along with the Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine have worked to develop clinical practice guidelines to provide clinicians with up-to-date, evidence-based information on the management of major depressive disorder (MDD) using lifestyle-based approaches. Accompanying these guidelines, we have also developed consumer resources to help those living with MDD understand the latest evidence into lifestyle-based care for MDD. The Guidelines are based on a synthesis of current scientific evidence, rigorously evaluated using a systematic grading system, which determined the strength of recommendations. The guidelines are available at the World Journal of Biological Psychiatry at this link:

Lifestyle Medicine CPD course

Supercharge your mental healthcare practise with our new online Lifestyle Medicine for Mental Health Services (Life & Mind) CPD course, with global experts from the Food and Mood Centre. Learn how to prevent and manage mental illness with practical clinical frameworks. Register now for 2024 intake!

Nutritional Psychiatry CPD course

Elevate your healthcare practise with our new online Introduction to Nutritional Psychiatry CPD course! Upskill with global experts from the Food and Mood Centre and learn how to implement the latest evidence in your clinical work. Register here for start on 26 SEP 2022!

Free Online Course

Enrol in our free three-week course on Future Learn, “Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition”, developed by The Food & Mood Centre. The course is delivered by Dr Tetyana Rocks and Professor Felice Jacka.

ZOE Podcast with Prof Felice Jacka

Listen to Prof Felice Jacka speaking on the ZOE Podcast about ultra-processed foods and mental health

The SMILES Trial

Quick access links to publications from the SMILES Trial

International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry

Please visit the ISNPR website to find out more about this exciting field.

Find a Practitioner

Use these links to find a dietitian, exercise physiologist or psychologist in Australia. Filter the search to find someone local or via Telehealth, and in the area you'd like help with (e.g. mental health).

Dietary Assessment

Resources developed by Dr Heidi Staudacher and Dr Tetyana Rocks to assist with dietary assessment

Prof Felice Jacka's Brain Changer Book

"Brain Changer" written by Professor Felice Jacka explores the link between diet and mental health, based on her extensive research since 2005. The book emphasises the profound impact of nutrition on mental and brain health. It provides practical advice on preventing mental health issues and offers strategies for treatment to improve mental and brain health at every life stage.