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Amy Loughman

Amy completed her PhD thesis in psychology at the University of Melbourne and is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Food & Mood Centre.

Amy is a post-doctoral research fellow and leads the microbiome research stream at the Food & Mood Centre. Clinically trained in neuropsychology and with a PhD from the University of Melbourne, she is passionate about evidence-based practice and gold-standard research methodology. Amy’s primary research focus is the gut microbiome and the potential relevance that this ‘forgotten organ’ for understanding human health. In 2017 she was awarded the Jack Brockhoff Foundation Early Career Grant to examine the role of the microbiome in Alzheimer’s disease and cognition. She is also working on collaborative research regarding early life predictors of child mental health with the Barwon Infant Study and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

Amy is an active communicator of science, and has written for The Conversation, The Research Whisperer and The Thesis Whisperer. She can also be found at, on Twitter @MBmicrobiome and on Instagram @mindbodymicrobiome.

Amy is Principal Investigator on a project funded by the Jack Brockhoff Foundation (2017-2019) which aims to understand how the gut and salivary microbiomes might modify the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in middle-aged adults. She is also leading a study comparing biosample collection and analysis methods for the purpose of microbiome sequencing. Other collaborative work includes projects examining the gut microbiome, health behaviours and dietary factors related to human neurodevelopment, behaviour and mood.

Research areas and skills: Gut microbiome; statistics and research design; cognitive assessment; psychological assessment; neurodevelopment; meta-analysis