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Samantha Dawson

Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Samantha’s research area is around how early life nutrition influences the gut microbiome and mental health outcomes in mothers and infants.

Samantha was the principal investigator on the ‘Healthy Parents, Health Kids’ study, which was an RCT study trialling the efficacy of a perinatal dietary intervention on improving maternal diet quality and altering the gut microbiota of mothers and children. She is now adapting her successful dietary intervention for m-Health delivery, which will be codesigned with pregnant women and clinicians.

Her research provides important information on whether the early life gut microbiota can be targeted through maternal dietary change. Her findings may be relevant for those hoping to alter allergy or mental disorder risk via the gut microbiome in early life.

Research areas and skills: Gut Microbiota; Pregnancy and Early Life Nutrition; Fermented Foods, Mental Health, Bioinformatics

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